The "Fidla", Swabian dialect for "backside"

The 'Fidla', Swabian dialect for 'backside'

There is a peculiar worked stone set in the pavement where the town hall lane runs into the market place. To see what it is, the best thing to do is to view it from the market place. Residents of the lower town always felt that they were at a disadvantage to those of the upper town given the success of the upper town. For centuries they begrudged them and only since 1945 have such reservations slowly been forgotten. When the market place was redesigned in 1984 an art teacher and a stonemason remembered the former animosity and thought up a practical joke. The pair of them immortalised the "Greeting from Götz von Berlichingen to the upper town“ in the pavement just in time for the opening of the market place.

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