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Greetings from the Mayor

Gerhard Jauernig, Mayor of the greater district city of Günzburg

Welcome to Günzburg, our beautiful city on the Danube River, the history of which is characterized by three hundred years of Roman culture and 500 years of affiliation with the House of Habsburg. Our unique historical center, diverse gastronomy and shopping options, plus our modern accommodations welcome you!

Our city is growing, it is prospering and acquiring a modern image. We have created an urban development concept, tailored and fitting our needs, so we continue to grow to plan. We say: Urban development is only successful if it is created to be sustainable. Our goal is to provide interior development before external development. In addition to short paths, utilized areas and interior spaces, this has the great advantages of a lively town center and less waste of space. To achieve this, we are redensifying, reassigning unused commercial areas for new uses, and upgrading public spaces. With our socially responsible use of ground space and our “Günzburg Residential Covenant” we have created two effective instruments to build over 100 new affordable apartments by 2022. In Günzburg, we live by the motto “Life happens in the city”. We are strengthening our local commerce with our attractive historical town center, investments, for instance in a new parking guidance system, our Cityinitiative e.V. and the digital shopping city. So I can assure you, that Günzburg is fit for a great future.

As an administrative and service center with outstanding transport connections, we provide a catchment area of over 90,000 residents, and with our city hall, the Forum am Hofgarten, we have a fantastic event location in the midst of the city for conferences and cultural highlights.

Naturally, the environment is very close to our hearts. The city of Günzburg, together with its citizens, has invested for many years in a sustainable city life through various projects and campaigns. This website presents an overview of this. For example, since 2014 Günzburg has been a “Fair Trade City”, and was awarded the “European Energy Award” in 2017. Currently we are working on making Günzburg the “Bicycle City 2025”.

Do you have a personal request? I will be happy to answer your questions once you have arranged an appointment with the office of the Mayor (telephone +49 8221 903-120).

Our Günzburg is a wonderful city. We have done many things so that all people can reside, work and live well here. Together, we will consistently continue to develop our city of Günzburg.

Warm regards!



Gerhard Jauernig
Mayor of the greater district city of Günzburg

Gerhard Jauernig, Mayor of the greater district city of Günzburg. photo: Bernhard Weizenegger

Gerhard Jauernig, Mayor of the greater district city of Günzburg. photo: Bernhard Weizenegger


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